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Experience a private in person treatment with Kris who uses the Enerkinetics technique to restore stasis in your body and allow it’s own innate healing potential to balance you physically, emotionally and mentally. With clients across Ontario, Kris sees clients locally in Mississauga, Welland and Sudbury. A healing from Kris Belfry is a life changing experience. He believes in empowering his clients in helping themselves evolve and heal on all levels. Sessions include a brief consultation followed by a treatment.

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What People Are Saying

WOW! Kris, thank you, thank you. I have seen doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors for the pain between my shoulders that caused extreme numbness, tingling and weakness down both of my arms to no avail. It affected my sleep and work. I was a zombie, tired all the time, I missed work at least one day a week for months.

Within 2 visits I was 85% better and could finally sleep through the night. Thank you again Kris!


Thank you so much for the treatment session as well as the meditation session. Both have been very helpful and it feels great to be walking around pain free. I did not realize how much I ached until it was gone. I feels good
~ Nancy


Hey Kris, I forgot to tell you that you fixed Russ! I find him so much easier to deal with/handle! I love you Kris Belfry!!!

(Russ is a five year old who had behavioural issues and would wake up most nights with growing pains)


I just want to say thanks for that treatment last week. I can’t believe how much it helped my back. I suffered all summer with that pain and you made it go away with one treatment! I tell everyone how you helped me. Do you remember when you stopped that clicking in my knee? That was truly amazing!


I use to get 4-5 corns on the bottom of each of my feet that I would have to have removed monthly. Working I was on my feet most of the day and these corns were like walking on little stones stuck in your shoes you could never remove. Extremely painful I had dealt with this for over 25 years until seeing Kris. Within 4 visits I started to feel changes and after about 6 months and maybe 8 treatments I no longer had to see my Chiropodist for my monthly removal of the corns. At times I would also get severe hip pain that Kris seemed to alleviate as well.
~ Al


I had been suffering from hip and leg pain all spring and it was affecting my exercise regimen. Within the first visit the pain was nearly gone. After the second visit I was back in the gym working out. Even my personal trainer seen a difference in my workouts. Thanks Kris!
~ Terri


I seen Kris originally for hip pain. As an avid golfer (4 to 5 times/week), Kris told me my hip pain was actually because of an imbalance in my back. He asked me to not golf for two weeks, mid-summer which was extremely tough. But I am so grateful I did. After the two treatments not only was my hip gone, but I had much more movement in my back that my golf swing improved significantly.
~ Kevin