Kris Belfry’s services promote healing on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Every service compliments holistic healing that will benefit your mind and body for years to come!

Kris is a caring and compassionate healer who can help you to let go of your ‘stuff’. A release of your aches, pains, fears and/or old destructive patterns. All healing is a return to self love! Kris is a genuine and loving healer who is in total service to the client. He is well-educated, well-trained with over 10 years of experience, he has worked with all sorts of clients with so many different ailments. A student of life long learning, Kris is always seeking to expand his knowledge to provide you with the best possible care to empower you to heal your mind, body and soul, transform your life.


Experience a private in person treatment with Kris who uses the Enerkinetics technique to restore stasis in your body and allow it’s own innate healing potential to balance you physically, emotionally and mentally.


Kris will see clients locally in Ontario, but he is also able to heal people worldwide. Want a treatment but don’t live in one of the areas Kris services. Well he works with clients on the phone, over Skype and through email. READ MORE


Kris is an intuitive who works with you to get to the heart of what you want to create or expand in your life. Whether it is in the area of health, life purpose, lifestyle, spiritual development, or abundance, he will support you in experiencing your potential. In your work together you will identify what stage of change you are in, what shifts in awareness need to be made in order to move forward. Discover what is blocking you and how to clear it creating an opening for your most authentic self to shine through. He teaches you to listen to your inner guidance so you know what actions to take to reach your goal.


When Kris realized that he had the ability and privilege of working with “sacred insights” he knew that he had to add this service to his toolbox in his desire to help others discover their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual potential to assist them in improving their lives in every way.

Kris is extremely intuitive and uses his ability to identify areas in your energy that need more life force or flow. People experience these blocks in their lives as the same pattern over and over and over again. During a session, energy blocks are cleared raising your vibration to an expanded state of who you really are. Kris can also receive messages from your Spiritual Guides, loved ones who have passed and details past lives for any necessary healing. He will not only help you heal, but help you to step into your power.

This ability is unlike the traditional medium or clairvoyant. It is a state of being, called Deep Trance Meditation. Throughout time there have been men and women with these extraordinary abilities to find answers through means beyond the recognized senses. It is an ability to lose consciousness at will, and from a deep trance state he is presented teachings and wisdom beyond the knowledge of his conscious mind.

From this unconscious state, Kris accesses his higher Consciousness and speaks from this state to answer questions. Most often, questions are asked by individuals, and the responses are often presented in such a manner that they are universally applicable.


Throughout his career, Kris has been highly involved in education and public awareness efforts that promote healthy living and disease prevention. He has created, developed and implemented various healthy lifestyle programs for community participation. Served as a guest lecturer for Laurentian University’s Health, Healing and Spirituality course and have participated as a lecturer and facilitator at various local community events addressing current health issues and healthy living. His passion is apparent and one can see he is strongly committed to communicating effectively to inspire others. His workshops were created with the sole purpose of empowering participants to create positive transformations in their life.

Please take a moment to explore the web site and see how the combination of Kris’ loving spirit and his powerful gifts can help you heal your body, mind and soul and step into your power.

Disclaimer: Healings/treatments should not be used in place of medical attention, but as a way to support it.