Here are what some people had to say about their treatments……

Amazing, amazing, amazing is all I can say. To be honest, I was an extreme skeptic at first. I suffered from severe psoriasis on my entire body and feet and my only option prior to seeing Kris involved some new drugs with very dangerous side effects. As my condition worsened day by day I was desperately looking for any alternative remedy before accepting my life with risky drugs and someone recommended Kris. I am so glad they did, to my amazement my psoriasis disappeared after only few sessions.

My husband also saw Kris for plantar fascitis. After spending hundreds on orthotics and other therapies, I finally convinced him to see Kris. Within 2 visits the pain was gone completely.
~Bogna C

Kris thanks for the my treatment. My hips are feeling better. Normally when I wake in the morning if I have slept on my stomach my lower back/hip joint area is usually quite soar and I have to let the hot water of the shower run on the area to help me feel better. Not today, thanks!
~ Sara

I had a restful sleep last night, thanks to Dr Kris. We let of some emotional baggage too.
~ Jenn

Thank you for sharing with us the wisdom and insight we need to take steps to heal our lives. I believe you are working under angelic inspiration.
~ Monique, Welland

When I started going to Kris I was having hip and knee pain which occured mainly while I was at rest – sitting or lying down. On occasion when I walked the hip would “give way” or pinch, causing me to almost fall. When I lay down to sleep the pain extended all the way down my left side from hip to ankle – a nagging, dull ache like a large toothache.  Despite that I resisted taking medication, I found I could not sleep at night without taking Advil and that if I lay on my left side after I’d fallen to sleep the pain woke me.
An x-ray had diagosed mild arthritis in my hip but I instinctively knew that this was not the cause of my pain. I tried taking Glucosamine, MSM and increasing my dosage of Omegas. There was no difference in the pain level. Nor did chiropractic or massage help. This was so frustrating as I am a very active person and consider myself healthy and fit. I had started to work with a personal trainer at the gym and on the first day he asked me to do step-ups, but on the second step my leg collapsed and we ruled those out as a form of training for me.
I’ve had 6-7 treatments with Kris and I now have no pain. I can comfortably sleep on either side I choose, pain-free. I am doing “serious” step-ups, jumps, skipping, squats at the gym, without pain. I can’t remember the last time I took painkillers to go to sleep. I feel like me again, not a crippled old woman. Thank you, Kris. I don’t understand totally how your work heals. I just know that it does.
Terri, Sudbury

Kris has helped me a great deal with my Artheritic problems.  He has also given me suggestions as to ways to handle some problems on my own .  I feel my monthly or 6 week visit really helps me keep on top of many little problems.

The experience I had with Kris was great.   After only two sessions I have been migraine free and still can’t believe it!!  Thanks so much!

Kris is extremely professional – he certainly knows what he is doing and I’m grateful to have met him. I’m on the mend and therefore, only need to see him every 6 or so weeks.

I like how there is also conversation before and after the treatment.. like you are somebody with a problem that Kris wants to help you with.. not like you are a number.. if 5 min extra makes the difference.. it is worth it. Also because of the conversation, Kris does not cut your treatment short… he really takes time to try and fix things.

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