Logo-EnerkineticsSick and tired of being sick and tired? For decades traditional health care providers have treated illness and drugs that are toxic, dealing only with the symptoms and not the underlying cause. The potential for health is within you. Unlock that potential today with Enerkinetics.


Enerkinetics literally means “movement of energy”. All human beings have a life energy within them that drives all bodily functions. This energy gives life to our working organs and systems. Some call this energy “innate” while others may call it “chi”. In any case it is the battery of life. In order to maintain the body’s natural function and healing ability, this energy must flow freely throughout the body.


Enerkinetics differs from other modalities in its theory, philosophy, and technique. Healing can be unpredictable. The human body is complex, intelligent machine that performs millions of functions simultaneously. Each person  must be assessed as a unique individual.

Pain and Disease strikes when the body loses its natural healing ability. Each day we are faced with various physical and mental stresses. These stresses may create blockages in the flow of energy to the body’s muscles, bones, or internal organs. The blockages are located by assessing positional changes of the feet. These movements are due to slight changes in muscle tone in the legs.


Kris Belfry will help to release these blockages, restoring the optimal movement of energy throughout the body. As the body’s energy flow becomes balanced, proper function can be restored. The body can then alleviate or eliminate the pain(s) or disease(s) that it has created.


 Enerkinetics can relieve the suffering associated with many different problems. Your practitioner will address your entire body rather than specific areas. As a result, the vast majority of patients will experience a general overall well-being and see improvement to many aspects of normal daily living.


Many patients see immediate, dramatic change for the better, while others will notice the benefits of care more gradually. Each person is different. Much depends on your cooperation and how long it takes your body to heal. Remember, ill health is not a single event but an accumulation of many abuses.

The healing process is enhanced by keeping/maintaining your recommended appointments, as each visit builds on the previous one. Interruptions in care or infrequent visits can jeopardize results and prolong the healing process. Other significant  factors that can aid in recovery are: proper diet, ample rest, regular physical activity, and a positive mental attitude.


Maintaining care is often essential for total well being once the initial complaint(s) have been resolved. Regular care can help to ward off the negative effects of physical and mental stresses which we constantly face. Enerkinetics builds the foundation upon which the patient can achieve optimal overall wellness.


Enerkinetics developed out of the need to treat the wildest range of health problems in the least invasive and most effective manner possible. Combining proven research in the field of quantum physics with various energy-healing techniques, Enerkinetics is at the forefront of a revolution that is changing the way we look at health care.