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Curious Kris


I was a very inquisitive child, always asking why? As a 5-year old I can remember traveling to my grandmother’s cottage late one Friday evening with my dad continuously asking questions following each answer with a why? It may sound familiar to many parents but that instinct to want to find the answers to things excites me. That is how my adventure began.

At the age of thirteen I was in a serious motor vehicle accident and almost lost my life. Many would feel sorry for me, or ‘feel’ for the tragedy that I endured. For me it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I let many of you reading this catch your breath and I’ll say again, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Why? I learned two huge lessons. It may have taken 18 years but I learnt. The first lesson, a very tough one because of the way I was being the last eighteen years to the people I loved. I realized how selfish of a person I have been being. The accident was just another way I used to get what I wanted. The second lesson, it was following the accident that I realized I wanted to help people. Sure, my family and close friends saw a difference in me and knew it. It only took me eighteen years to realize these lessons; so fortunately for me my subconscious already got it.

I believe that that accident in 1988 was the cumulative end to a new beginning. After 13 years of my selfishness putting my needs ahead of everyone else’s, I needed a wake up call. That accident was it. What better way to balance my selfishness than to desire a career, a passion to help and inspire others? Intro – my life.

My Creation

Before I share my story I would like to express a few HUGE awakens I have had. Up until 2006 my life ran on autopilot. What I mean is, I was not present or fully aware to most if not all that happened in my life. Minutes, hours, even days would pass without any realization, without truly enjoying, living each and every moment. (I’m glad my subconscious knew what it was doing) The other insight I had was that for some ‘strange’ reason people seemed to come into my life at the right moment or things seemed to happen to me at the right time. In retrospect one might say I had one coincidence followed by another after another. I now believe that they were not coincidences. (Follow blog for explanation). Continue to read how these two insights have played out in my life.

I grew up in a middle class family in Sudbury; a northern Ontario community situated about 4 hours north of Toronto. I graduated high school and began my pursuit to help people. At the time the only other thing I was passionate about was sports and athletics. So I combined the two and attended Lake Superior State University where I studied Exercise Science. At some level early on in my studies I knew this was just a stepping -stone for something more.

One of the benefits to this Lake State program at the time was that it had a small enrolment which led to tons of one on one interaction with lab equipment, training and faculty. In particular Dr. Gardiner was instrumental in my post secondary education, as he influenced how I viewed the body and the mind. Dr. Gardiner was a sports psychologist and so influenced us students in how powerful the body and mind was in relationship to exercise. I was intrigued and excited at how powerful the body and mind actually were that I wanted to explore further. I looked into various graduate school options when in passing my mother recommended chiropractic. Not real familiar with the practice I began searching information about it on the Internet. Within the first hour of research I knew that was my next step. Drawn to the body’s natural ability to heal was in totally congruence to what I heard when Dr. Gardiner spoke. In 1999 I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and moved to St. Louis, Missouri to study chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropractic.

Similarly to undergraduate studies I immediately immersed myself in chiropractic. I was the classic ‘straight’ chiropractor; I loved the hands on technique. As my family and friends could attest I practiced and honed my skills on every spine I encountered. At that time I believed every man, woman, child and animal needed to be adjusted. I laughed and ridiculed those that practiced ‘different’ techniques. Then a changed occurred. I began reading books. Like most students academically I excelled in courses I enjoyed and read ‘other’ books during the ones I did not. To add, I was a visual learner and since much of the early semesters in chiropractic were lectures I began to read a lot during class. At this point, most of the reading material was for personal pleasure/growth and this, in my opinion was where the turning point started.

My transformation began during a microbiology lecture after reading the book Power Vs. Force by David Hawkins. In my viewpoint it conceptualized the power of the human mind and its’ relationship to the body. Which help strengthen my earlier beliefs from Lake State. At the same time I began questioning that if chiropractic could help with 75% of the population what happened to the remaining 25%. That did not sit well for a curious 5-year old. To him, things had to work one hundred percent for 100% of the time and with 100% of the people, and so the search began. From that point on I began learning every single technique I could from the common types to the more obscure techniques. I just had an insatiable need to understand and help but all the techniques still left an uneasy feeling in my gut. That feeling you get in the pit of the stomach when doing something that you know that just doesn’t fully complete you.

In December 2002 I received my Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology with certifications in Acupuncture, Applied Kineisiolgy, Activator Methods, Thompson, Sacral Occipital Technique, just to name a few. Still with that uncertainty I embarked on my new future. Preparing myself for my eventual move to Kentucky I headed home for Christmas.

During the Christmas holidays my mother had an appointment with an Esodynamic Practitioner and she wanted me to check out this ‘new’ natural therapy. Well, I did and as he explained the therapy to me it started to fill in some of the gaps that I felt was missing from chiropractic and I was hooked. Shortly thereafter I began learning the therapy and soon after I opened my own office in my hometown in May 2003 practicing Esodynamics. As a practitioner I continued to learn the variations in this therapy and its practitioners but unfortunately with all this knowledge I still was not satisfied, something for me was still missing.

My reading continued in areas of the mind, body, spirit connection, to different healing techniques, and the relationship of energy, beliefs and the like. Very drawn to Energy I began furthering my studies in these areas taking various courses and seminars. Eventually, I started putting pieces together from ALL my knowledge and basically aligning the pieces up together with what felt right to me.

In 2005 Enerkinetics was born which literally means ‘the movement of energy’, a fresh new start, with a fresh new technique. I now practice in my home office in Mississauga and still commute to Welland. I am committed to helping people heal themselves and my intention is to develop other forms to do so such as this website, posted blogs, seminars, and personal conversations/sessions. My search still continues but I know each and everyday I move one step closer.

Be Well Naturally,
Kris Belfry

A want to give a special thank you to Steve Martile www.stephenmartile.com and Kai Lumme, two of my closest friends who directly inspired this article. I love you both!